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How to Improve your Bartending Skills?

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Whether you bartend for fun or do it for a living, it’s always good to keep upping your skills. Practice makes perfect, and with the proper steps, you can become much more talented.

Here’s how to improve your bartending skills and make amazing drinks every time.


Practice as often as you can:

As with any other skill, bartending is all about practice. It’s very much a hands-on activity, meaning that the more you get used to the movements, the better you’ll become. Whether you make drinks for your friends on your days off or challenge yourself to go through a whole cocktail book recipe by recipe, each drink you complete will make you a better bartender.


Add Garnishes:

Why stick to boring drinks when you could experiment? To refine your palate and come up with new, inventive drinks, give garnishes a try. They not only add a fun bit of flavor but also make any drink look scrumptious and stylish. Whether it’s a lemon twist, some sprigs of rosemary, or something of your own invention, a garnish will add a fun touch to any drink.

Master flaming drinks:

When it comes to how to improve your bartending skills, flashier is often better. Learning how to safely make flaming drinks will make you stand head and shoulders above the rest. These drinks look impressive, taste delicious, and show that you’ve really honed your craft. Safety is always paramount, so make sure you practice without the flame first. Once you’ve got the routine down, you can add the flame and show off your new skill.


Create your own concoctions:

Starting with the basics is always good, but once you’ve mastered those, you’ll want to branch out and make something new. Experiment with different liquors, mixers, and garnishes to create something entirely your own. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t make something delicious off the bat—it’s all about experimenting to find out what really works.


Study, study, study:

Even the most expert bartenders always have something new to can learn. Whether you’re just learning the ropes or have been bartending for years, studying always helps. Pick up tips from great bartenders you admire, look up tried-and-true tricks, and find the latest techniques on the scene. Education can take you far, and by studying in your spare time, you’ll see a great amount of improvement.

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