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Restaurants Are Finally Prioritizing Worker's Mental Health!

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From capped working hours to peer-to-peer counseling, restaurant owners and managers are working hard to help their staff feel safe and stable.

According to research conducted by Unilever Food Solutions, the global supplier to the food and beverage industry that has taken an active interest in mental health in the industry, 74 percent of chefs are sleep deprived to the point of exhaustion, 63 percent of chefs feel depressed, and more than half feel pushed to the breaking point.

In this pressure-cooker atmosphere, most kitchen and dining room workers feel like they shouldn’t expect praise or concern for their needs. Instead, they should remain calm and carry on. “Sadly, addiction is still winning.

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But now, restaurant owners and managers seek seminars, training, and consultants to help their workers feel safe and stable at work.


Some restaurant groups are experimenting with capped working hours, wellness initiatives, and a more open kitchen culture where talking about mental health is the norm. Although restaurants’ individual policies differ, all of them align on one crucial step: It’s essential to make an effort to talk with every single employee on a regular basis to check-in and see how they’re doing. In the restaurant industry, this basic human gesture is a radical act.


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