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We've Opened Our Restaurant "MUSAAFER" In The Middle Of The Pandemic: Ruchit Harneja!

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Meet the Hotelier, Chef Ruchit Harneja, Pastry chef at Musaafer by the spice route company. He has started cooking the day he could reach the stovetop.

After having a small conversation with Chef Ruchit Harneja, he shared that all of his hobbies used to revolve around food cooking. Let's find out how did he survive as a Hotelier during the Pandemic.



 HW: What inspired you to pursue a career in this industry?

RH: Since my early school days, all my hobbies used to revolve around food cooking. I started cooking the day I could reach the stovetop. The most cherished joy of cooking for my family landed me in a challenging situation that called for certain modifications in recipes as my family history is of severe diabetics. This gave me a spectrum to look at desserts from a different angle. I gathered a ton of information and executed research that says 'healthy dessert eating is not a myth'.

I took it as my quest to set a benchmark of healthy Indian desserts in a contemporary way.
My research proves that eating desserts in moderation with the right ingredient after a meal aids in digestion and nourishes the spleen. I armed myself with knowledge of applied nutrition food science from the tips I used to get from his mother as that's her core competency and educational background.

I mastered a unique style of incorporating ayurvedic spice blends and Indian superfoods which are high in nutritional content and made this my forte in Indian dessert cooking. Superfoods like millets, fox nuts, moringa, lotus roots, and seeds are a few of my treasured ingredients to work with.

HW: How did you cope with the first lockdown as a hotelier?

RH: Well, We opened our restaurant Musaafer in May 2020, which was the right in middle of the first peak of the pandemic. It was an extreme challenging situation, but our team had a commitment and strived for it. Each and every team member made sure that strict safety, sanitary and distancing measures are in place. That bold step of facing covid in the eye turned Musaafer a name to reckon with.


HW: Any message you want to share?

RH: Tough times don't last. Tough teams do!



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