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The Types of Hospitality Jobs!

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The beauty of hospitality is in its variety. There are many ways to provide hospitality and no shortage of demand for it. It is also true hospitality jobs are found just about everywhere on the planet.

Hospitality is a diverse industry, as one can see from the breadth of jobs listed. However, each of them has one thing in common – they are dedicated to the service of others. It is completely not about you, but about the guest. If you share this mindset, try one out for size by doing an internship or job shadowing.

Although perhaps not all-inclusive, some forms of hospitality include Hotels, Restaurants, Cruises, Casinos, Country Clubs, Food services, Retirement Community, Travel/Tourism, and Conference Events. Below, let’s delve into some examples within each category.



When you think of any city in any state, what do they have in common? Hotels! Everywhere needs a place where people can come and stay during their visit. Although service and hospitality are at the core of hotels, there are many kinds of jobs that make a hotel run.

Typical jobs may include Bellhop, Maid, General Manager, Front Desk Attendant, Valet, Catering Manager, Cook, Bartender, Waiter/Waitress, Maintenance, and many more.



Would you like any fries with that? There are few things more rewarding than being able to serve food for hungry customers starving for nutrition after a long day.

Although if waiting on hungry hippos is not your cup of tea, there are other opportunities for counseling regulars as a bartender or running the backbone of a restaurant in the kitchen. Typical jobs may include Waiter/Waitress, Chef (and the many varieties thereof), Host, Busboy, General Manager, Catering Manager, Bartender, and others.


Food Service:

Food Service is often forgotten in hospitality, but nonetheless a great start for anyone looking to get into hospitality. With a focus on food cleanliness and amazing customer service, those in Food Service can provide on-the-go nutrition for customers with busy schedules.

Food Service jobs may include Cashier, Grillmaster, Drive-Thru Cashier, Busboy, General Manager, and Waiters/Waitresses.



Hit me…Hit me…Blackjack! From Dealing with Barkeeping, there is no shortage of jobs at a Casino. When people think of casinos, they most often think of Vegas or Atlantic City – places people go to escape and live life a little bit. Remember the motto though if you choose to go down this route, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

If you feel up to the challenge, you may be a fit. Jobs may include Security, Dealers (of all kinds), Pit bosses, Surveillance officers, Cashiers, Waiters/Waitresses, bartenders, Catering Managers, in addition to many other varieties.



Cruises – the ultimate all-inclusive getaway that is becoming more and more popular in today’s vacationing market. Feel like getting away for a weekend to Alaska? There is a cruise for you. Feel like going to the Caribbean for a week while your friends are cold in Minnesota during the winter?

There is a cruise for you. Cruises are great opportunities to get away from the mundane life and live a little bit. Cruises are growing in popularity partly because of their robust attraction and entertainment venues, not to mention their insane value and simplicity.


Country Club:

For those who enjoy the finer things in life, the country club provides a relaxing getaway. Whether it is 18 holes of golf, a game of tennis, or a day at the spa, a country club makes your comfort its top priority.

Nowhere else will you get the chance to serve and interact with the elite of your community. Common opportunities include Golf Instructor, Waiter/Waitress, Bartender, Event planner, Chef, Catering Manager, Tennis Coach, and Masseuse.


Conference Events:

Some of the most amazing moments in life happen at conferences. They provide an opportunity to reflect on past experiences and set a new direction for the future. Conferences also are educational and help you grow professionally or provide an opportunity to connect with like-minded people.

Many people do not recognize the work that happens in the background of such events. Conferences require many hands to be successful including Executive Director, Technical Engineers, Registration Coordinators, and of course Speakers.



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