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What Makes A Restaurant Manager Great?

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Successfully overseeing an entire restaurant is one feat, and highly effective restaurant managers effortlessly achieve it. How? And what makes a restaurant manager great? Below are the answers to these intriguing questions!

A Restaurant Manager is responsible for overseeing the daily operations of a restaurant. Their duties include hiring and training restaurant staff following company policies, speaking with diners to address concerns or solve problems, and creating work schedules for restaurant staff.

Here are some points to make the Restaurant Manager stands out:


1. Great restaurant managers respect their staff:

Great restaurant managers know how to respect their staff. In fact, this trait is common to all great leaders. High-effective restaurant managers treat their staff as their peers and motivate them to provide the best services to guests, which further helps boost the credibility of the restaurant.

2. Great restaurant managers set the culture:

Managers can make or break a team.  Great restaurant managers set the right work culture that includes the right mix of work ethics, teamwork, and rewards/appreciation. Great restaurant managers are clear about what they expect from the team.

Working under highly effective managers is always fun as the work culture they set isn’t monotonous.


3. Great restaurant managers reward team members/staff:

Great restaurant managers reward team members for the extra effort they put in to deliver the best customer service. Successful restaurant managers aren’t always work-oriented; they throw parties and reward team members as an appreciation for their hard work.


4. Great restaurant managers communicate effectively:

Highly effective restaurant managers use positive communication to ensure efficient workflow within the team members. All leaders, including restaurant managers, use constructive criticism to help their team members improve further.

Clear communication also helps restaurant managers precisely solve problems which otherwise may impair workflow and result in poor customer service.


5. Great restaurant managers are planners:

Highly effective restaurant managers start each day with a plan and a goal. In fact, preparing the day’s plan is essential to ensuring smooth workflow as new tasks can unexpectedly pop up in a restaurant. Without a plan, the team can lose track.


6. Great restaurant managers prioritize customers/guests:

Highly effective restaurant managers prioritize customers over everything else. They are deeply focused on improving customers’ experience in the restaurant.


7. Great restaurant managers set an example:

Highly effective restaurant managers set the tone for the rest of the team members; they are the first to arrive and last to leave. Successful restaurant managers motivate their staff by setting examples.


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