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How Social Media Marketing Can Help Hoteliers?

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It is not a secret that the current pandemic has been devastating for hospitality. Many businesses have had to close for a while, and some of them shut down completely. Equally, many of them managed to survive. You may be wondering: how do they succeed in staying afloat? The answer to this question is quite simple – they applied a proper marketing strategy.

focusing on social media marketing was the best decision for hoteliers to pursue. Those who did that not only maintained their client base but also prepared a good ground for reopening. And it is still relevant, even though the quarantine is being eased. This is the way for businesses to reconnect with their audience and improve their visibility.

In this article, we will focus on social media marketing tips, which you should implement in the post-COVID-19 era.


The Importance Of An Appropriate Strategy:

Social media platforms are great for sharing impressions and emotions. If customers are satisfied with the services you provide, they will post about it. But this works for negative impressions as well. Proper handling of negative reviews is crucial for maintaining a good image of your business. If you want to know what people think, you should be present on various online platforms. This will give a better understanding of the main flaws and advantages of your state of affairs.

It will also allow you to establish a dialogue with your real and potential clients. Nowadays, guests want to receive a highly personalized experience. Regular posting on social media will create an illusion of closeness, and allow them to ask about something they might want to know. This is especially important in post-coronavirus times, since the guests may have a lot of questions concerning safety measures in your hotel.


SMM In Post-Coronavirus Times:

When it comes to posting on social media in these times, there are many aspects to consider. First of all, you should be aware of the current protocols and quarantine easing measures implemented in your country. You must also identify who your target audience is, and do research concerning restrictions in their countries or regions. Knowing that will help you to avoid misunderstandings and irrelevant posts.

Another important point is – you should communicate with empathy. Emphasize the fact, that even though your hotel is opened, you will still do everything to protect your guests. You should not mention COVID-19 in every post, but do not neglect the situation either. Think about something that can be of use to your customers. These may be some interesting facts about your hotel or even a virtual tour around it!


Offer Discounts And Promotions:

Remember, that there always are future customers among your followers. Social media marketing is a cost-effective and reliable source of new clientele. If you have a goal of reaching a new milestone in likes or retweets, try to offer various discounts and promotions. For example, it can be a post with a specific hashtag, where you suggest a discount for bookings made via your website.

However, keep in mind that slashing prices is not an ultimate strategy for the new realities. Attracting more guests by establishing lower prices may significantly decrease your revenue. A viable alternative for that will be aiming for adding value, for example, by offering a complimentary bottle of wine.


Reinforce Your Brand:

Try to create a certain vision of your business through social media posts. Yes, people may not be ready to book yet. Nevertheless, they always have access to your profile! So use this to learn more about your customers by showing a genuine interest in their needs and preferences.

Develop a philosophy behind your brand by showing that people are the most precious treasure for your hotel. Focus on your team as well. You may create a series of posts introducing each member of your “hotel family” and telling a short story about their role in your community.


Experiment With New Platforms And Formats:

Keep in mind that videos are the most eye-catching type of content. They add variety to your regular posts and draw attention to your page. But it is not necessary to spend a small fortune on production! You can simply record an interview with one of your clients or employees via Zoom call, and share it online.

Webinars have become an emerging trend in times of social distancing as well. This is a simple and convenient way to answer the most frequently asked questions by your followers. And if your hotel specializes in wellness, you can collaborate with fitness coaches and create online workout sessions for them. The opportunities for your creativity are truly unlimited!


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