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5 Amazing tips for designing a pocket-friendly modular kitchen

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Luxury in the kitchen within our budget is all about everyone’s dream. Modular kitchen manufacturers in Mumbai make it possible.

We look forward to everything being modernized and elegant in our modern world. For this reason, we add international style to your everyday kitchen was a stupendous one. Implementing unique designs and style elements will bring alive the aesthetics of your kitchen. In the same way, luxury in the kitchen within our budget is all about everyone’s dream.

Similarly, we can also design our modular kitchen with more readily available alternatives without negotiating their quality, functionality, and artistic quality. Likewise, vintage metal, glass, wooden or ceramic ones are good alternatives for regular knobs in your kitchen cabinets. Even changing a few things will give a glamorized look to your kitchen.

Kitchen designers in Mumbai suggest some window treatments, like changing the fabric of your kitchen and mounting incredible art pieces on the wall, which will bring an embellished look. However, designing our dream kitchen needs proper planning and execution. If you are looking for a modular kitchen within your budget, then you must focus on designing, manufacturing, installation, etc., 

Points to remember 

Here we offer some key ideas and points to design a modular kitchen within your budget,

  1. Requirement needed for your kitchen
  2. Vital storage tips for budget-friendly modular kitchen
  3. Understand the essential components of your kitchenette 
  4. Economic ideas for kitchen flooring and painting
  5. About Cabinet materials and finishes  

Requirement needed for your kitchen

Cooking space requirements are unique for every individual. Hence, you need a tailor-made design to satisfy your requirements. Our kitchen layout can decide the modular installation style like L-shaped, U-shaped corridor. It’s also focused on your cooking style; we need an extra count, chimney, etc.

Vital storage tips for budget-friendly modular kitchen

Storage is a major priority while designing your modular kitchen in Goregaon. Which includes the utensils you utilized and appliances you already own. Grant some extra spaces for the new appliances you plan to buy. Even if we want to add shelves, floating shelves on the wall will be the smart choice.

Understand the essential components of your kitchenette

The modular kitchen consists of pre-made cabinet parts. That is good enough to construct a perfect functional modular kitchen. And they are made of different materials and carry over all the accessories. Some of the essential elements of a modular kitchen are,

  • Floor cabinets- where the workspace rests
  • Wall cabinets- primary storage space
  • Functional shutters for the cabinet add more stylish to the kitchen
  • Countertop- a busy working space made of vinyl, wood, granite, marble, or lamination.
  • Functional hardware that includes knobs and hinges.
  • Efficient appliances that include stoves, chimneys, ovens, dishwashers, and sinks.

Economic ideas for kitchen flooring and painting

Pick the right flooring for your modular kitchen with the help of modular kitchen designers in Mumbai. Choosing patterned or plain ceramic tiles, lamination, and linoleum flooring will offer an industrial look to your space. If you opt for a low budget, then vinyl is the exact one that comes in sheets, tiles, and plates.

Painting or decoration can transform your space as incredible. Whitewashing the modular kitchen with a suitable colour makes your cabinetry elegant, and that will be the topic of the day when you have a guest over your space.

If you are a nude shade lover, go for the light colors it will never hurt your pocket. Little heat from the stove does not ruin your whole work, even though you can install heat-resistant wallpapers on the wall. 

About Cabinet materials and finishes

Choosing kitchen cabinet material is the one which creates a great impact on the expenses. So, get to know about the materials that should fit the budget and are long-lasting, easy to maintain, reliable, and come in a wide variety.

Here are some of the options for pocket-friendly and durable materials,

  • Laminate your cabinet – which comes in various colors, is durable, and easy to maintain.
  • Wood veneers are wood sheets stuck on a surface like MDF or plywood. It gives a modish look of an all-wood kitchen but is not as expensive as wood. And it proffers protection against moisture and termites as well.
  • PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) is another good option too. It is made of solid composite plastic and people can install it without substrate. If you wish to give a wooden look, PVC sheets with faux wooden grains and molding are perfect.
  • Steel or aluminum is another heavy-duty option for kitchen cabinets.

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