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Tips To Improve Front Office Operations At Your Small Hotels!

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Whatever your guests are expecting, the ultimate goal of your front office is to make a great first impression and start delivering on the promise you made when your guests booked. Knowing your guest (and why they’re visiting) is so important in making sure you can meet expectations.

As you know, the front office is responsible for so much from first impressions to checking in and out, managing rooms, reservations, and rates communicating with guests, and handling accounting, housekeeping, maintenance, and more, it’s always a juggling act. 

Here is the list of most used tips to improve the front office operations at your small Hotels:


Be a good listener:

Positive or negative, there’s gold to be found in reviews. Listen to what guests are saying upon check-out and have a system for recording and reviewing this feedback. Monitor online review websites such as TripAdvisor, Google, and the third-party channels you connect to. Don’t forget the all-important feedback form at check-out so you can get more feedback from guests who may otherwise stay silent, leaving you in the dark. If housekeeping issues are coming up all the time, it’s time to look at that area closely and iron out the problems.


Choose and train the right people:

Great people skills and a knack for resolving problems quickly and efficiently are a must-have in the hotel industry. But there’s more you can do. Understand where your own strengths and weaknesses are – and hire the people who can cover any skills gaps. Also remember that the location of your hotel is often why people stay, so make sure you and your people know the local area better than anyone else. Finally, invest as much as you can into training so your front office operations just keep getting better. 

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Prioritize efficiency:

Fancy more time to spend on the things that matter? Greater front office efficiency can give you time to focus on your guests, marketing, training, and other business-boosting activities. Your guests would love that extra time too, so they can get straight to doing what they’ve come for – whether it’s relaxing, exploring, or getting down to business. There are so many things you can do to buy a little extra time for yourself and your guests, from using apps for contactless delivery of extra towels to developing a comprehensive operations manual and empowering staff to make good, confident decisions.


Communicate, communicate, communicate:

Errors, delays, misunderstandings, glitches, and other issues with front office operations often have a common source: lack of information or misinformation. Luckily, there’s a quick fix. Communicate more. Set expectations, confirm timings, provide advice on hotel operations, suggest activities and answer questions before they’re asked. How? A well-designed and informative website, a great email sequence and clever use of social media are great to start.



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