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The Hospitality industry in times of the pandemic!

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The smiling faces have been hidden behind a mask now as soon as we enter a hotel.


pandemic has morphed from a temporary break from “normal” into a protracted struggle for economic survival. And no industry is more impacted than leisure and hospitality—the event venues, hotels, restaurants, and travel activities that rely on group social environments and in-person interaction.


Hidden smile:

In place of the mustachioed guard at the entrance and warm greetings on entering the lobby, the smiling faces have been hidden behind a mask now as soon as we enter a hotel.


Temperature gun:

The greetings have been replaced with a temperature gun pointed at you. The hotel staff, which used to welcome guests in their bright uniforms, don hazmat suits now.



Contactless experience:

As the hotel industry tries to get back on its feet after being severely impacted by the pandemic, the staff and the management are going out of their way to ensure customers of the highest standards of hygiene.


New experience:

The hotel administration has brought in a host of changes to make sure that the safety of customers remains intact. For instance, vendors are not allowed inside and goods are unboxed in a specific area kept for this purpose only. Staff is required to under medical checks daily.


Good response:

Hotels have received a positive response from their patrons despite the pandemic raging on. The administration makes sure that they don't disappoint their customers. To safeguard the health of their customers, hotels are using gloves, masks, sanitizers, and regular cleaning of high exposure areas like handrails and lift buttons.

News Courtesy: ET


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